First Time Anal? Here are some tips to help you out!!!

When some people think of anal there are a lot of questions that come up.  I know that when I was first starting to experiment sexually there was no way you were getting anywhere near my backside. I refused many times when asked to have anal play. But that all changed when I got with my current partner. He made me feel like we could take our time and there was no pressure to make it happen. It did take a while for me to say yes but I am so glad I did.

So let me give you some tips that helped me explore a different way to orgasm. This is just my ideas of how I relax and enjoy the moment.

  1. Talk to your partner. Let him or her know your thoughts and feelings before anything physical happens. Nothing is more important than the conversation with your partner about how things are going to go down. What does he/she expect? What do they like/dislike? Are they willing to be patient with you while you figure out how this is going to happen?
  2. Discover your self with or without your partner. Figure out what feels good and what does not. I recommend doing it by yourself if you are shy so that you know what the first time with your partner is going to feel like. Use your finger or find the smallest anal toy to experiment with. If you are with your partner make sure you tell them what is uncomfortable and what feels really good.
  3. Rub your area. This is where you find out how amazing it is. The area around your anus has so many nerve endings. You will be surprised what a little touching does.  You can even add some oils or lubes at this point. Oils are used on the outside and around your area and lubes are used inside for easier access.
  4. Use your tongue. I know this sounds weird for first timers but relax. You already know what using your finger feels like. Adding some tongue to the mix is more intimate and you really don’t have any deep penetration. It is just one more step to help you get ready for the real thing.
  5. Start with small things like your finger. Trust me when I say to use your fingers before anything else. If you are not use to anal action you will want to start with something small to allow your area to get used to it.
  6. Stimulate yourself. My favorite part!!!! Nothing gets me more worked up than stimulating other parts of my body. Nipple or clitoris action is the perfect way to relax and let yourself go. Either rubbing  yourself or having your partner rub or suck on them makes you more relaxed and in the mood for what is next! If you want to take it a step further Omega Pleasure’s has these awesome nipple/clitoral chain made by Fifty Shades of Grey line,  that will take it to the next level.  It just adds an intense but safe pinch.
  7. Use anal toys The best part is adding an anal toy into the mix. Omega Pleasure has all types of anal toys to make sure you get the right fit. The best one I found was the kit from Sliders Trainer. They have a suction cup on the bottom and a velvety touch for the best feeling ever. Do not use items not intended for anal use. A trip to your nearest emergency room is not the best ending to a night.
  8. LUBE!!!! I do not recommend trying anal without lubrication. The right lube is key to the best feeling and being comfortable. Omega Pleasure has so many different lubes in their Anal Pleasure section that will help you slide right in.

Anal is amazing and if done right, it can help you have the best orgasm and open up a new way of intimacy with your partner that you never knew was possible. I have found out that the more I explore with my partner, the closer we become as a couple. So good luck and let me know how your first time goes……I would love to hear from you!

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