Stressed? Anxiety? Let’s orgasm and feel better.

I know everyone has stress in their lives. Whether it is a job, relationships or even having kids.  But the best way to relieve that stress is to relax your body. What better way than to orgasm with toys! The thing is that the moment after it happens, you relax. Nothing else in the world comes to mind but the feeling of pure bliss. I know what you are thinking. Sometimes an orgasm is not as good as another. It depends on the time of day, what we are doing, what toy we have, who we are with, and if it’s been a while.

I don’t know about men (or anyone else for that matter) but when it comes to me and the time between orgasms, it makes a different. If I have went a long time, it takes forever, and I am so worried about if he is getting tired that I end up either giving up or pushing him over and riding off into the sunset with the bullet between my legs.

But those times when I can really give myself a few minutes to clear my head and let go, it is like an explosion that can be heard around the world. And afterwards I am in heaven. With the moment, with him and by releasing the tension I have been holding inside for so long.

This is not my opinion either. There are some researchers that even say to use sex as a stress-management technique. When you orgasm the hormone, oxytocin is released. That’s the hormone in women that stimulates feelings of warmth and relaxation.  So, this is the perfect reason after a long hard day to kick back with your partner (or alone 😉) and let your body help you rub away the stress!


You deserve it!

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