Fifty Shades of Grey Heavenly Massage Bullet……..Holy Shit!!!

Ok I know what your thinking….what is so special about this bullet!! I thought the same thing when I received it as a surprise gift in the mail. I got it out and it was so soft and smooth. Completely different from any bullet I have ever used before. I popped it in my bra so no one would see what I got in the mail and up the stairs I went. I didn’t expect to use it right then but when I turned to close the door behind me, I wasn’t alone. He knew what had came in the mail because he had bought it for me.

That was when I found out what the difference was in this amazing vibrating bullet. The power that this 2 inch mini machine had blew me away! The material made it easy to hold on to unlike other bullets I have had in the past. I orgasmed like I haven’t done in a while. Dear lord the magic that this thing has is amazing. You wont want to use anything else.

I ended up dropping it in my purse….you know, for that rare occasion on the road! I would recommend The Fifty Shades of Grey Heavenly Massage vibrating bullet to anyone that wants the big “O”.

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